Tuesday, November 14, 7:30pm - Rave Cravings at the Hive!

By jim on


No, the Hive is not (yet?) putting on a Rave. Rather, our semi-regular 2nd-Tuesday-of-the-Month guest speaker for November will be Caine Barber, founder of Rave Cravings.

We first met Caine in his company's booth at the Cincinnati Mini-Maker Faire, where he was showing off innovative applications for addressable LEDs; from wearables to home decor. Caine has an Undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Wright State. He is currently working on a Master's Degree in Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In his own words, "I was inspired to start working with LEDs when I went to my first music festival. The amount of creativity that could be involved in this type of work really excited me. Because Computer Science is really an art, it was easy for me to express my own art and creativity into these LEDs using my own programming styles." You gotta like that!

Come to hear his inspiring talk about chasing a dream and founding a company to pursue a passion. You might even learn something about the latest in bling tech for your next Rave.

Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and all those interested to learn more are welcome to come Tuesday, November14, to hear his talk at our 7:30pm business meeting, Find Us.

We Survived Books by the Banks 2017

By Brad Walsh on

Thanks to Mike, Tim and Nancy for helping with the learn to solder table at the 2017 Books by the Banks event.
I think we did over 200 boards! I don't think we made any children cry this time. :)

Vacuum Former is Alive!

By Brad Walsh on

Just in time for Halloween, the vacuum former created its first parts today for member Bill.


Bill was making a case for an old TI computer. It turned out awesome and Bill showed us some of the tricks for making a good vacuum formed part.

We survived CinMaker Faire 2017

By Brad Walsh on

Thanks to everyone that helped at the Cincinnati MiniMaker Faire 2017.
We tossed some basketballs on Saturday and did many Learn to Solder lessons Saturday and Sunday.


Because of the rain on Sunday we did not setup the Trebuchets outside, we setup one to be balanced with a watermelon by the LTS booth. :)
The teardown was interesting but we were able to disassemble both Trebuchets and fit them (and the LTS stuff) in our minivan. Since it was raining we elected to do the unload on Tuesday before the meeting.


Thanks again to everyone that helped out! I think it was a good time and we made some kids day a bit more special. (Especially the one that we made cry). ;)

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2017

By Brad Walsh on


Hive13 will be part of the upcoming Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire October 7th and 8th at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds.


We will be demonstrating Will's Trebuchet (currently launching basketballs over 80ft) and a Learn to Solder station to make blinky badges.
It would be nice to have some touchy projects that we can show off at the LTR booth. Maybe some cool 3D prints.
Feel free to come down and volunteer to man the basketball chucker or the LTS booth (you can get free admission). :)

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225