How to Join Hive13

Show up!

If you want to join Hive13, the first step is to simply show up! (Find Us)  The Tuesday night meetings are open for all to attend and there will always be people there willing to show you around and tell you what’s going on.  Members usually start rolling in after working hours, and are generally working on projects and/or are open to introductions and general conversation before the start of the 7:30pm meeting.  We usually have officer reports on the first Tuesday of the month, and a guest speaker on the second Tuesday of the month.

Sign our Liability Waiver Form

Every member must sign a standard Release of Liability form saying you won’t hold the Space liable if you injure yourself or damage your property while working within the space or with tools and equipment provided by the space.

Click on this link to display a printable blank liability waver form

Fill it out, sign it, then bring it to a next HIVE event and hand it to one of our officers.

Troll and join our mailing list!

Visit our wiki and troll or join our Google group mailing list to keep up on upcoming Hive13 events.

Get informed!

Give the Membership Details page a read, and read the HIVE13 Bylaws to understand the responsibilities that come with a membership. In order to join us and gain the resources of the group as a whole, you must be able to financially support our organization as well as participate in Hive projects.

Submit a Membership Application.

Once you’ve gotten a chance to know us and you decide that both you and the Hackerspace would benefit from your joining, you should submit an application for membership.

If you haven't done so already, sign up for an intweb account. Once you've logged in there, you can submit a Membership Application. Intweb will guide you through all of the steps required to complete your application.

Membership Queries

All membership queries should be directed to