Tuesday Talk (2/8/22)

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Tuesday Talk (2/8/22)

Our Tuesday Talk speaker series continues! This week we will have Laura Davis, owner of Core Clay and the hands behind Ms&Trope Ceramics. Laura has been working in clay since 2002. Her work influenced by stained glass windows, Celtic designs, cut glass, and the state of our world. She has become a little obsessed with stencils lately.

Laura will be giving her talk after our meeting and we are so thrilled to have her!

The State of the Hive (2/7/22)

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Greetings Hivemind! Did you miss me? Konstantinos (they/them) here to give you an update about Hive13.

We will be open to visitors before our weekly meetings beginning 2/8/2022! Please arrive at 6pm and give us a call (513-909-4483) so we can let you in. Can't make Tuesdays? Contact us on social media, email us, or call us and we can find a better time and day for you to visit. Please bring a mask and be prepared to socially distance!

We've missed having guests and can't wait to see you all soon!

The State of the Hive (as of 1/29/22)

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Greetings Hivemind! Konstantinos (they/them) here to clarify some confusion about what is going on (or not going on) at Hive13 at this time. As we announced on social media, we have been doing virtual meetings with all classes canceled due to the Omicron surge. The safety and wellbeing of our members is paramount to us. Does that mean we're not making or doing tours? Of course not! The Hive is still open to all members and tours are now made by appointment. We ask that you wear a mask, distance yourself, and stay home if you are unwell or have been exposed.

Want a tour? Please call 513-909-4483 or email us at leadership@hive13.org with your name and how best to reach you. We will contact you to best fit your schedule.

We hope to open our doors to visitors soon for our Tuesday meetings but in the meantime we ask you to wear a mask, stay safe, and make!

Fiber Friday: Tacosaurus

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Fiber Friday: Tacosaurus

Greetings Hivemind! Konstantinos here to bring a Fiber Friday post from Lisa.

Pattern: Horace the Stegosaurus by Irene Strang
Inspiration: u/PeterCarpet on Reddit
Crocheted by: Lisa Crump

One day, when I was scrolling through posts on Reddit, I saw the most awesome taco dinosaur and new I had to make it for my favorite 5-year-old for Christmas. I was happy to find the name of the pattern and designer in the comments. After purchasing the pattern, I had a fun time creating this adorable creature. Pretty easy pattern for the most part but use stitch markers to help with counting on the body section and look at the stitch diagram for the spikes and where they should sit. The only other thing I had was my own fault. By changing the body to a single color where the pattern calls for some lovely rainbow stripes, made me double take when I had to put the legs on as the pattern calls for two different colors and to put one of each on that stripe in the front and back. After looking at the pattern and more pictures, I realized that it just meant to have one leg slightly in front of the other so you can see all four from the side. I can’t wait to see how much joy this brings when the present is opened.

Fiber Friday: Cow Beanie

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Fiber Friday: Cow Beanie

Hey Hivemind, Konstantinos (they/them) here. Pardon my delay, I was searching for how to go about this Fiber Friday because I must confess to you, I made a mistake. Before I tell you about my grave error, let me give you some background on this pattern.

I crocheted the Cow Print Beanie which I bought from Tzings on Etsy. A special thank you to Tessa Herra who designed the pattern. The pattern was easy to read and only required a crochet hook, two colors of yarn, a stitch marker (my trusty bobbypin), and a dream. So I dared to dream.

A general tip for all beginner fiber artists, read the pattern before you start making it. This will help you prevent missing important things like foundational rows. And missing like 10 stitches. And messing up the entire pattern. It was fixable but it didn't have the exact beanie shape that I was looking for.

In all, it was a very easy to read pattern, I'm just a dingus and should have read the pattern better prior to starting it. I will be doing a 2.0 version where I actually follow the pattern. My mistake was in no part a fault of the pattern, but definitely a fault of my eagerness to complete said pattern during a stressful few weeks.

Have you ever royally screwed up a pattern? Let us know! This is a safe space for fiber shenanigans.

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