Retro Gaming Night! July 7th

By Will B on

Retro Gaming Night!  July 7th

Open to anyone who wants to appreciate, learn about, and play some retro video games.

This event, we will be focusing on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the games and accessories that go along with it. We can also discuss topics such as why Bubble Bobble was the apex of human civilization. Or why technological limitations caused Mario to have a mustache.

We will have some original consoles around to play with so it isn't just talking about why a 35 year old video game console is still alive and loved.

Sign up on meetup with the link below!

You won't want to miss tomorrow's Hive Meeting! Tuesday (5/4) at 7:30 pm

By jim on

We won’t get too crazy, but tomorrow’s meeting will be a bit different because we want to re-introduce some FUN and:
(1) safely try a “New Normal” HYBRID (In-Person/Virtual) meeting format
(2) wrap-up the AC Fund Drive  (Yea!  How will it end?)
(3) stage new Hive photos to show we are surviving and thriving at 2701SG
(4) celebrate Star Wars Day! (May the Fourth Be With You)

For members who are comfortably VAXED, we want to test IN-PERSON attendance, follow Ohio and CDC safety guidelines to wear masks and maintain social distancing

For the more cautious not-yet-fully VAXED members, we encourage VIRTUAL attendance, follow the same video meeting links as last week.

For IN-PERSON folks willing to help us stage new Hive marketing photos at 2701SG, consider to arrive perhaps an hour early or stay an hour late.  Be creative!  Bring props and dress in PPE gear to show off SAFELY using a particular tool or maker activity.

For VIRTUAL folks who want to get in on the photo fun, be creative!  It may take some last-minute prep, but we want to include your cardboard profile or decorated avatar and be just like the big leagues.  No idea is too outrageous for consideration.

Bonus points for anyone who actually has a Star Wars costume and shows up for the photo shoot wearing it!

What do YOU see here?

By jim on

Hive13 is on the 3rd Floor at 2701 Spring Grove Avenue

Driving by 2701 Spring Grove Avenue on your way home from your vaccination shot, the casual observer may say, "Not much..."

But for Hive13 members with inside knowledge on the 3rd-floor at 2701SG, the true answer is, "QUITE A LOT ACTUALLY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!"

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, Hive13 has been generally closed to the general public.  We were growing before, and are still growing now.  We have strategically used this past year to relocate into our new and improved space.  Now that we all are increasingly VAXED and WAXED, we are MAXED about cautiously moving into the next new normal, whatever that may be.  We were wearing masks and face shields before the pandemic and still use PPE to be safe and work safely to make stuff.

Are you itching to (safely) get back to making things with cool tools in a supporting community of like-minded makers?  You have found your people at our place.  

Not yet a true believer?  Check out our version of the Mars Ingenuity Drone first flight with this drone fly-by video inside our new space.  Ready to fly with us?  Email leadership(at)hive13(dot)org for details.  

We've Moved!

By Katherine J Cook on

After much deliberation and elbow grease, we have moved down the road to a bigger, better and brighter new address. Google maps has been updated, so you can find us by looking up Hive13, or just head out to 2701 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225.

Our new space has all of the tools, equipment and people that you know and love. Along with our core workspaces (including 3D printing, a big laser cutter, large CNC router, electronics stations and a vinyl cutter), we are proud to now offer: generous off street parking, no more “quiet hours”, massive woodworking and metalworking shops, a metal machining shop, paint booth, slop sinks, a huge crafts and sewing area, ceramics (coming soon), the space to make the mess of your dreams (and clean it back up), and TONS of room to grow into! We look forward to all of the amazing things that will be created in this space, and continuing to grow our maker community.

Wear a mask, stay socially distant, be excellent to each other and when in doubt ask questions. If you want more information, e-mailing leadership at hive13 dot org is a good way to reach us.

HIVE13 - Limited COVID-19 Re-Opening

By jim on

Members have been asking: when will Hive13 reopen and what is Hive13 doing to protect its members in the face of COVID-19?

Following State of Ohio directives and recommendations, and per yesterday's post on the member mailing list, Hive13 is reopening in a limited fashion with COVID-19 precautions.  Members and their guests may begin returning to Hive13 any time you wish so long as you adhere to Hive13’s guidelines including those stated below and and any subsequent updates.  Remember, Hive13 is a community. We need to help keep each other safe as well as ourselves.

Each person entering either Hive13 premises, whether member or guest, will:

The risks from COVID-19 are serious.  While some of our members may feel they are at low risk, others in our community have a very high risk from the virus.  It is particularly vexing that some people infected with COVID-19 may not show symptoms for days or weeks or ever, but yet they are sick and spreading the virus.  Others may go from feeling well to needing intensive care in a matter of hours.  Please do your part to help keep everyone safe.  Keep flattening the curve.

Know we've been receiving tremendous interest from PROSPECTIVE NEW MEMBERS during these past weeks of "Shelter-at-Home".  Leadership is starting to take steps to be available on Tuesday nights and odd times for limited tours and new member sign-ups.  Email to arrange contact.

2701 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45225