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91 megapixel Hive13 panorama from Pi pan-tilt rig

By Chris Hodapp on Under electronics, photography

My project for the past month or two at Hive13 has been a pan-tilt mount for a Raspberry Pi and the ArduCam, with almost everything either laser-cut from plywood or done with off-the-shelf parts. I just put up a few posts on my own blog about it:nn* Pi pan-tilt for huge images, part 1: Introductionn* Pi pan-tilt for huge images, part 2: Hugin & PanoTools integrationnnThis week, I had things working well enough to do a test run inside Hive13, and the result of that was a 91.5 megapixel panorama inside the space. Click below for a zoomable version of the whole thing (or here for a full-resolution JPEG):nnnnSome more panoramas inside the space - perhaps much wider-area ones - should follow soon!nn-hodapp

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