Space Renovation Progress (part 1?)

By Chris Hodapp on

We're currently in the process of probably the biggest renovation in Hive13's space since moving in in 2009, and have made some good progress. The electronics lab and Fab Lab have been moved into the annex, and the old Fab Lab and lounge have been torn up in preparation to merge them into a single room (whose purpose is still to be determined).nnHere are a few photos of the old Fab Lab & lounge:nnnnnnnand of the progress in the annex (still a work-in-progress with the laser cutter and ducting):nnnnnnA lot of work remains to do, but we'll keep updates coming as we progress.

91 megapixel Hive13 panorama from Pi pan-tilt rig

By Chris Hodapp on Under electronics, photography

My project for the past month or two at Hive13 has been a pan-tilt mount for a Raspberry Pi and the ArduCam, with almost everything either laser-cut from plywood or done with off-the-shelf parts. I just put up a few posts on my own blog about it:nn* Pi pan-tilt for huge images, part 1: Introductionn* Pi pan-tilt for huge images, part 2: Hugin & PanoTools integrationnnThis week, I had things working well enough to do a test run inside Hive13, and the result of that was a 91.5 megapixel panorama inside the space. Click below for a zoomable version of the whole thing (or here for a full-resolution JPEG):nnnnSome more panoramas inside the space - perhaps much wider-area ones - should follow soon!nn-hodapp

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