Drilling - The HOLE truth, Tuesday, August 9, 7:30pm

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Are you a neophyte maker that does know to respect and protect the Hive's shared tooling; but doesn't yet have the experience to know the detailed DO's and DON'TS? We are here to give you a HOLE lot of knowledge. Making a hole seems easy enough, but getting good results in different materials (woods, plastics, soft, and hard metals) is quite a bit more involved than one might first think. We want you to be SAFE and gain skills. We also want our shared tooling investment to be USED, easily RE-USED by all, and NEVER ABUSED! Don't be an ignorant schmuck that either hurts yourself or ruins things for your fellow maker members.

Join us this Tuesday, August 9, after the 7:30 pm business meeting, when CNC Area Warden Brad Walsh leads an open discussion on best practices for drilling holes in different materials. Learn that DRILLING is not BORING. Go deep on-your-own at other web links such as (this).

Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and all those interested to know the HOLE truth are welcome this Tuesday, August 9, after the 7:30pm business meeting. (Find Us).

Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 7:30 pm - I'm Fine, No Really...

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How can folks (even creative heros like, Aaron Swartz, Jonathan James, Robin Williams and others that seem to have-it-all) fall into the depths of depression? What makes makers especially prone to self-doubt? Why can't we just be happy all the time? When the crushing self-inflicted waves of doom-and-gloom come, where can we go to to get back on an even keel?

Join us this Tuesday, July 12, after the 7:30 pm business meeting, when member Chris Anderson repeats his important presentation on overcoming depression.

Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and all those interested to hear these important words are welcome this Tuesday, July 12, after the 7:30pm business meeting. (Find Us).

Hive13 Kitchen Chemistry for kids at the Cincinnati Public Library this summer

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Hive13 member volunteers are busy this summer providing "DIY Polymers with Hive13" events for the Cincinnati Public Library Summer Learning Program.

A series of ten Kitchen Chemistry events are already underway per a schedule at different library branch locations between June 9 and July 26. The series was instigated by member LorinP, and receives financial support from the Friends of the Public Library. Member MikeH has provided Kitchen Chemistry protocols (written instructions) on how to mix up polymer bouncy balls and extract DNA from strawberries as hands-on activities and summer fun for kids and their parents.

Further details are on the wiki (link). It is not too late to join the fun and help lead remaining sessions in the series.

Power Tool Drag Racing

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Power Tool Drag Racing

Heya folks, our Power Tool Drag Racing Season for 2016 is a few months away, so you might as well get a jump start on building a racer! Check out our official PTDR website for more details: http://toolracing.hive13.org/

We hope to see some amazing power tools this season, so lets get to work!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 7:30 pm - Disruptive Technology, Consider the Typewriter...

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Join us at Hive13 this Tuesday, March 8, after our quick 7:30 pm business meeting, when Richard Polt, local Xavier philosophy professor and creator/webmaser for The Classic Typewriter Page website shares his passion for the humble typewriter; noting its birth, evolution, and rebirth, with examples from his extensive collection of machines.

Think disruptive technologies are a just a recent phenom? What hardware did you first use for text editing and word processing way back when? Well, in the 19th century, the must-have, high-tech, new-thing was the typewriter. Appreciate the technology of entrepreneurial makers from over 100 years ago and consider the path that got us to the QWERTY keyboard. Richard's book The Typewriter Revolution shows how old is new and documents how these magical mechanical contraptions are enjoying a surprising second life today.

Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and all those interested are welcome to Richard's talk at Hive13 on Tuesday, March 8, after our 7:30pm business meeting. Find Us

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