We survived CinMaker Faire 2017

By Brad Walsh on

Thanks to everyone that helped at the Cincinnati MiniMaker Faire 2017.nWe tossed some basketballs on Saturday and did many Learn to Solder lessons Saturday and Sunday.nnaltnnBecause of the rain on Sunday we did not setup the Trebuchets outside, we setup one to be balanced with a watermelon by the LTS booth. :)nThe teardown was interesting but we were able to disassemble both Trebuchets and fit them (and the LTS stuff) in our minivan. Since it was raining we elected to do the unload on Tuesday before the meeting.nnaltnnThanks again to everyone that helped out! I think it was a good time and we made some kids day a bit more special. (Especially the one that we made cry). ;)

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