Tuesday Talk Recap (2/14/22)

By Konstantinos on Under Tuesday Talks, ceramics

Tuesday Talk Recap (2/14/22)

Greetings Hivemind! Konstantinos (they/them) here to give you a recap of our last Tuesday Talk with the super funny, super cool Laura Davis. Laura joined us for our first hybrid meeting of the year and even brought us into the 21st century with an Instagram Live stream on Core Clay. Sad you missed this talk? Join us every second Tuesday for a new speaker!

An excited group gathered around an unreasonably tall table which perfectly suited slip casting. Laura showed us that it could be done with just a styrofoam cup, adding designs with blunt objects to create designs like cow print but not cheetah print. Don't try cheetah print. We also were able to hold a final product with a quote from David Drake, famed potter and poet. Read some of his inscriptions here and more about him in general here. It is important to mention that Drake was enslaved and his work cannot be separated from his experience.

The evening was full of laughs, reflective moments, and slip spilled on the table. We are eternally grateful for Laura's knowledge, time, and energy for us. Want to learn from her and support her? Check out Core Clay and check out her ceramics on Ms&Trope.

Thank you so much again, Laura!

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225