Laser Cleaning Party - Saturday, July 7th at Noon

By Greg Arnold on Under laser

New Laser tubes and optics rebuild parts are finally on their way from China. It will still be a few days before they arrive; they may arrive as early as Wednesday next week.
In preparation, the old mirrors have been removed from the Big Laser. The small laser is easier to disassemble.

Now it's time to clean the machines to get ready for the rebuild. This activity will definitely speed up the rebuild.
If you use the Lasers or want to learn more about them, this is a good opportunity to get deep into the machines.

Join in on Saturday the 7th as we vacuum out dust and don rubber gloves to scrub the smoke out of the machine interiors. We will probably need 3 to 4 several hours of work to take apart, clean and reassemble the lasers.

No experience required. Stay as long as you are able. All efforts are appreciated.

Space Renovation Progress (part 1?)

By Chris Hodapp on

We're currently in the process of probably the biggest renovation in Hive13's space since moving in in 2009, and have made some good progress. The electronics lab and Fab Lab have been moved into the annex, and the old Fab Lab and lounge have been torn up in preparation to merge them into a single room (whose purpose is still to be determined).

Here are a few photos of the old Fab Lab & lounge:

and of the progress in the annex (still a work-in-progress with the laser cutter and ducting):

A lot of work remains to do, but we'll keep updates coming as we progress.

Fab Lab move this Saturday, the 23rd

By Greg Arnold on

We finally have all of the prerequisites done! The move is finally happening!

We could use some help moving all of the equipment. The cabinets and the 3D printer shelves will have to be torn down and set back up, so many hands make light work.

We'll start doing the move around noon.

Power Tool Drag Racing at Building Value this Friday May 18th at 7:00pm.

By Brad Walsh on

We will be running the fameous Power Tool Drag Racing (PTDR) at the Building Value (Building Value site) ReUse-apalooza event this Friday May 18th, 2018.

Building Value Cincinnati
4040 Spring Grove Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45223
(513) 475-6783

The current plan is to have the Building Value truck come to the Hive around 10:00am Friday and we load up the PTDR stuff into their truck. The setup should take a few hours.
The actual event is Friday night from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.
We could use some help running the event, this gives people time to go around and get some food/beer and enjoy the activities.
Feel free to sign up on the Google spreadsheet or just show up and help out.

Google Signup

We will tear down the PTDR stuff on Saturday at our leisure. (Probably start around 10:00am).

Come help out and experience PTDR!

Hive Cleanup/Potluck/Game night Saturday April 14, 2018 starting at 3:00.

By Brad Walsh on

This Saturday we will have another cleanup from around 3:00pm till about 6:00pm.
Then we will have a potluck where people can bring some group friendly food and drinks, after that we hope to have a game night.
For the cleanup feel free to stop by and help get the Hive in semi-presentable shape. Nothing fancy, just mopping, and organization.
The potluck doesn't really have a theme, bring something you like.
The game night can be any fun group game and is rather informal.

If you have any questions drop a message on the mailing list.

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225