We've Moved!

By Katherine J Cook on

After much deliberation and elbow grease, we have moved down the road to a bigger, better and brighter new address. Google maps has been updated, so you can find us by looking up Hive13, or just head out to 2701 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225.

Our new space has all of the tools, equipment and people that you know and love. Along with our core workspaces (including 3D printing, a big laser cutter, large CNC router, electronics stations and a vinyl cutter), we are proud to now offer: generous off street parking, no more “quiet hours”, massive woodworking and metalworking shops, a metal machining shop, paint booth, slop sinks, a huge crafts and sewing area, ceramics (coming soon), the space to make the mess of your dreams (and clean it back up), and TONS of room to grow into! We look forward to all of the amazing things that will be created in this space, and continuing to grow our maker community.

Wear a mask, stay socially distant, be excellent to each other and when in doubt ask questions. If you want more information, e-mailing leadership at hive13 dot org is a good way to reach us.

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225