Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 7:30 pm - Disruptive Technology, Consider the Typewriter...

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Join us at Hive13 this Tuesday, March 8, after our quick 7:30 pm business meeting, when Richard Polt, local Xavier philosophy professor and creator/webmaser for The Classic Typewriter Page website shares his passion for the humble typewriter; noting its birth, evolution, and rebirth, with examples from his extensive collection of machines.nnThink disruptive technologies are a just a recent phenom? What hardware did you first use for text editing and word processing way back when? Well, in the 19th century, the must-have, high-tech, new-thing was the typewriter. Appreciate the technology of entrepreneurial makers from over 100 years ago and consider the path that got us to the QWERTY keyboard. Richard's book The Typewriter Revolution shows how old is new and documents how these magical mechanical contraptions are enjoying a surprising second life today.nnMembers, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and all those interested are welcome to Richard's talk at Hive13 on Tuesday, March 8, after our 7:30pm business meeting. Find Us

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