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Opendoor Hackathon Dec 11th

By zombiecraig on Under hackathon, opendoor

nHive13 is participating in the Opendoor Hackathon on Dec 11th. Sign up for the mailing list (link at the bottom) if you are interested. You can also contact for additional details.nnThe OpenDoor Hackathon is a hackathon to benefit the members of hacker/maker/artist/co-working spaces by creating a standardized, Open Source access and membership management system that can be used by everyone. At the end of the hackathon, the systems (or subsystems) created by each space will be voted upon, and the best system (or combination of systems) will be chosen. Implementing the system afterward is, of course, optional.nnWhy are we doing this? n I know, the word “standardized” sends chills down my spine too, but I assure you that this is a good thing! Deciding upon a common system would enable the following things:nn- The ability to share membership between spacesn- Crowd-sourced security enhancements and feature additionsn- Easier membership managementn- A warm fuzzy feeling of being connected with other spacesnnWhat we’re envisioning (and what many of you already have) is a sort of Reciprocikey or Space Passport system. We believe that the only way to create such an awesome system is to work together on it!nnWhen is the OpenDoor Hackathon? n The OpenDoor Hackathon will begin on Saturday, December 11th at 2pm PST, ending 24 hours later at 2pm PST on Sunday, December 12th.nnHow do I sign up? n You can register your space’s team at the Eventbrite here!nnJoin the conversation at!nnn

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