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Transferred DNS Registrar

By zombiecraig on Under DNS, Gandi, NoSOPA

nSTOP SOPAHello all,nnWe just transferred our Domain Names from GoDaddy to Gandi.net.  This transfer was done because GoDaddy recently announced support for SOPA.  SOPA is a current bill set to pass that would effectively censor the internet.  There are many options and even special discounts if you too want to change your registrar.  It’s a very easy process and here are some suggestions from reddit.  We chose Gandi because of their no-bullshit stance and history for protecting its customers.nnYou can also sign the boycott pledge here: http://godaddyboycott.org/nnIf you are a hive13.org member you should not see any service outage but feel free to contact us if something does not appear to be working.nnUPDATE:  GoDaddy just announced they are no longer supporting SOPA  😉nnn

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