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Teensy Contest

By zombiecraig on Under contest, teensy

n**We are hosting a teensy contest at Hive13!**nnProvide a proposal to what you would build using a Teensy 2.0 development board on this form.  Teensy is a super small AVR board (less than 2 inches!!) It has an ATMEGA32U4 micro-controller and you can use the aduino software to program it.  Each board comes with a detailed printout card for easy look up of pin layouts.nnSix projects will be selected on Friday July 22nd to receive a free Teensy board.  The contestant will then have until August 30th to complete their project and demo it for the group during that Tuesdays meeting.  If you are not an arduino master do not worry, simply submit a basic idea of something you feel you can complete in a month and you may be selected.nnYou do not have to a a Hive13 member to participate but you will have to be at the Tuesday meeting on July 26th to pick up your board if you are selected.  Have fun and happy hacking!nnSubmission form is here (July 22nd is the submission deadline!)nnBoard details are herennn

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Cincinnati, Oh 45225