Power Series Racing (Saturday Noon to 6PM)

By jim-shealy on

![](https://scontent-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10423891_10206621052028113_7007226451824322944_n.jpg?oh=2c611c00bcc97600df0b51b27133545e&oe=55DC5FC4 "Power Series Prototype after the Findlay Market Parade")It was unpowered due to issues with the drive train, We just finished a new one though!
For those of you who’ve been at the hive any time recently, you may recall the Power Series Racing project that we’ve been working on since October last year. It’s basically a $500 mini electric go-kart designed to derp around a track at makerfaires competing for both style points and racing time. We’ve ripped apart hybrid car batteries for their cells, practiced CAD, and made some prototypes. If you’re still not interested, here’s the promo video for Power Series Racing:

Our first race will be at the end of June, and as such we’re ramping up the effort to get this kart finished and on the road. We learned a lot from the first iteration, and this weekend we’ll be working on cutting and welding the frame. If you’re curious to see what’s going on, come on down this Saturday and help out or watch!

Also, stay tuned, we’ll want a crew when we head out to Kansas City for the first race! We’ll need a pit crew and drivers!

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225