New Membership Tiers!

By zombiecraig on

nNew Membership TiersAt the Hive we are really excited to announce new membership tiers!  We are now offering $50 a month for FULL membership to new members.  This is the same level of access as our old $100 tier, which gives you a door code, 24/7 access to the space, lockers, discounts on classes and the admiration of your peers!nnWe are having a membership drive to get 15 new members.  This number is important because with 15 new members we can ensure that the overall membership to the space can be lowered to $50/mo for good and still pay our rent!  There is also a little red meter under the subscribe  button on the main page so everybody can follow along on the progress of the drive.nnTo become a full member goto the main page at and click “Subscribe” on the right hand side.nnA little lower down the the sidebar is another new tier called the Elite tier.  This is a donation tier.  If you can’t make it to the Hive but you still want to support us, then this is the tier for you!  Members will also get discounts on upcoming classes at the hive!  If you are a full time student then you can sign up for the Elite tier, fill out the student application (still to come) and you can be a full member as well!nnPlease spread this message around.  We need to make this membership drive a success!nnn

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