This page is intended to be a summary of Hive13 membership policies and a guide to new members. For full details, please read the Bylaws.

Membership Levels

There are two tiers of Hive membership. The first is a Full Membership, currently set at $50 per month. The second is a student Membership set at $13.37 per month.


Respect the space, respect other members, and abide by any Hive rules such as the noise curfew.  Hive members are expected to help whenever possible, help maintain and keep the space clean, and always keep their minds open to new projects to bring to the group.

Voting Rights

Members of Hive13 have voting rights for every major decision of the Hive – electing officers and the Board of Directors, approving Hive spending, and more.

Membership Dues

Members of Hive13 pay a monthly membership due. This due goes directly to the Hive’s expenses and large group purchases of equipment. Every line item of spending is approved by a group vote and is publicly recorded, so you can see how your membership dues are being used.