Laser Cleaning Party - Saturday, July 7th at Noon

By Greg Arnold on Under laser

New Laser tubes and optics rebuild parts are finally on their way from China. It will still be a few days before they arrive; they may arrive as early as Wednesday next week.
In preparation, the old mirrors have been removed from the Big Laser. The small laser is easier to disassemble.

Now it's time to clean the machines to get ready for the rebuild. This activity will definitely speed up the rebuild.
If you use the Lasers or want to learn more about them, this is a good opportunity to get deep into the machines.

Join in on Saturday the 7th as we vacuum out dust and don rubber gloves to scrub the smoke out of the machine interiors. We will probably need 3 to 4 several hours of work to take apart, clean and reassemble the lasers.

No experience required. Stay as long as you are able. All efforts are appreciated.

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225