Help us buy a gigantic laser cutter!

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nWe have been planning so we can buy a giant laser cutter in the next few months and we want help!nnThe laser we are looking to get is a g.weike 100w laser cutter with a cutting area of 1.5m x 1.2m (~5ft x ~4ft) (big enough to cut the outline of someone 6ft tall). We will also be getting a rotary attachment so we can etch cylindrical objects like drinking glasses.nnIt will be a significant upgrade from our current laser cutter allowing us to do far more than our current laser.nn n Our goal for fundraising is at least $4,000 with Hive13 matching donated funds. With your help we can reach that goal and even beyond it easily! When you donate you will be receiving minutes at half of our normal price. That means for every $1 you donate you get 4 minutes to use on our lasers.nnPlease note that you don’t need to be a member to purchase, use, or sell laser minutes. You can have a trained member operate our lasers for you!nn nn nnWe have a pledgie campain set up at right now. Go donate!nnIf you have any questions feel free to contact Hive13 leadership at here to lend your support to: Huge laser cutter for Hive13 and make a donation at !nnn

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