Glass Lampworking coming to the Hive!

By jim on

Member Kevin M. is on FIRE!  Well, maybe not literally, but at least figuratively.  Back in November on the mailing list, he expressed his BURNING desire to do glass lampwork.  Lampworking is a type of glasswork where a torch (or lamp) is the primary source of heat used to melt the glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements.  Also known as flameworking or torchworking, the modern practice no longer uses oil-fueled lamps.  Instead, bench mounted oxy/propane torches are used for bead, figurine, marble, and other small work.

Kevin has provided a torch, small annealer, and collection of shaping tools to Hive13 on long-term loan.  He has provided a introductory stock of clear and color glass rod (Soft glass, 104 COE) and has sources for additional group bulk orders of glass if others would like to chip in.  The full kit of tools is set up at Hive13 and getting tuned-up.  He has lit the torch and is preparing demos and certification classes for other members to be able to use the setup.  Donations for gas and additional glass stock are welcome.

If you would like to be certified to use the glass tools, post in the mailing list thread to schedule a certification class.

Want to learn a HOT new maker skill during these COLD winter months? Come to the Hive to see this new activity GLOW and GROW.

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