Equus Horse Heads

By zombiecraig on

Several weeks ago Hive13 volunteered to help out a local theater company known as New Edgecliff Theatre.  They were preparing for the Equus play.  They built several horse heads.  A 3-dimensional and 5 2-dimensional ones.  Our task was to make it so the horse head eyes would glow red via a switch.  Fairly simple except we had approximately 24 hours to do it and radio shack only had a few coin battery holders.  We also needed to make our own defuzers for the eyes.  We made the 3D defuzer with extra vending bubbles and we used a $4 air filter for the rest.  Once we ran out of battery coin holders we hacked a paperclip version which worked great 😀

Paperclip holder frontPaperclip holder side

Here are some pics of the finished horse heads

3D Horse head on PaulAll heads lit

This play has been selling out and has recieved many acculades: [1], [2], [3].  This play is still going on so be sure to catch it!

For more info on the project see the wiki

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225