Drilling - The HOLE truth, Tuesday, August 9, 7:30pm

By jim on

nnAre you a neophyte maker that does know to respect and protect the Hive's shared tooling; but doesn't yet have the experience to know the detailed DO's and DON'TS? We are here to give you a HOLE lot of knowledge. Making a hole seems easy enough, but getting good results in different materials (woods, plastics, soft, and hard metals) is quite a bit more involved than one might first think. We want you to be SAFE and gain skills. We also want our shared tooling investment to be USED, easily RE-USED by all, and NEVER ABUSED! Don't be an ignorant schmuck that either hurts yourself or ruins things for your fellow maker members. nnJoin us this Tuesday, August 9, after the 7:30 pm business meeting, when CNC Area Warden Brad Walsh leads an open discussion on best practices for drilling holes in different materials. Learn that DRILLING is not BORING. Go deep on-your-own at other web links such as (this). nnMembers, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and all those interested to know the HOLE truth are welcome this Tuesday, August 9, after the 7:30pm business meeting. (Find Us).

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