Cool new power

By zombiecraig on

nWe upgraded our electrical system in the hive now so we can run all of our tools without blowing a fuse!  While we were at it we ran dedicated lines to each of the AC units… all 6 brand new AC Units!!!  That’s right, this summer the Hive will actually be a nice area to work instead of a sweat box.nnOur electrician was fantastic and if you are ever looking for a team to quickly do an amazing job and not gouge you, then please hit up our friend Marcus:nnn## Causey Electric Co.INC:nnOhio License: #29092:nn8964 Ebro Court n Cincinnati, Ohio 45231: n Phone: 513-307-2523:nnmarcuscausey (at) fuse.netnnn

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225