Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire - Saturday, October 19, Noon-10pm

By jim on

nnnIt’s official.  Here’s your chance to get your INNER GEEK ON and ROCK the ‘NATI.  Hive13 is collaborating with organizer Jason Langdon (associate creative director at Possible) and the West side art collective, Broadhope to host the first annual Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, October 19, noon to 10pm.nnGet involved by becoming a volunteer (you may get a cool event STAFF T-shirt for your efforts) and/or sign-up to have a MAKER display to show off your creations.nnFirst event publicity on SoapBox (link)nnCall for Makers (link) Hurry, the deadline is July 1.nnCincinnati’s  Washington Park venue (link)nnCincinnati Mini Maker Faire Social Media sites:nnFacebook (link) This will be maintained as the most active and up-to-date info page.nnGoogle Plus (link)  Key milestones and big announcements are published here.nnTwitter (link) Key milestones and big announcement are also announced here.nnStay tuned for further details and announcements.nnn

2929 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, Oh 45225