CNC Intro Class - April 15th

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CNCnnIntro to the CNC router. We will cover CAD, CAM and postprocessing as well as info on mills (router bits) and calculating "feeds and speeds" in the AM session. After a break (bring your lunch or go out on your own),nwe will demonstrate the Hive 1 3 CNC router and each attendee will run a tool path.nThe fee includes a mill and a piece of plywood to take along.nTo qualify to use the Hive 1 3 CNC we require that you complete this seminar, then contact a Hive 1 3 CNC machinist and have them observe you running your own (simple) project.nYou can contact a machinist via the Hive 13 mailing list.nNon members will need to sign a release before taking the course.nnSign up link below:n

Cincinnati Makerfaire 2015!

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nLearn to SoldernI'm a Soldering my LED!nnHiya folks,nnWe had a great day during day one of the Cincinnati Makerfaire! Sunday the door opens at 11am, so stop on down to learn how to solder a flashing rainbow coloured led, check out a few projects from the hive, and get a rush with MORE POWER with the power tool drag racing! I hope everyone will have a blast with the events we are running this year!nn nn nnn

2701 Spring Grove Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45225